Steven Phillips: Assistive Technology Trainer

After completing a Science PGCE and classroom teaching I have gained over 8 years experience training students and corporations to use assistive technology effectively. This includes Lloyds Bank, HSBC, BT and university students around the country.

Assistive technology includes a range of supportive software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, to help people type by using their voice and Read&Write that proofreads work by speaking aloud text on the screen. It also includes hardware such as raised desks that allow standing to work, and ergonomic chairs.

Training support includes: Dragon, Read&Write, ClaroRead, MindView, Inspiration and ZoomText.

Hardware support includes: HumanWare low vision aids, portable magnifiers, Phonak hearing equipment, desk risers and ergonomic chair setup.

With a focus on training, I also do disability assessments and hardware/software installations, giving myself a complete understanding of the assistive needs people have in education and the workplace.

Mobile: 07815 606071
Email: hello@smphillips.co.uk